A Pagani Zonda Was Crashed By A Bodyguard Into A Fence

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The bodyguard of Chinese businessman Jen-Te Chen, also known as “Kenny,” crashed the boss’s Pagani Zonda into a London fence this morning back in February, according to the Daily Mail. Because we don’t have rights to run photos of the crash, however, we went and did you all the courtesy of providing a dramatic reconstruction of the incident, pictured above.

It looked exactly like that, I am sure.

Weirdly enough, when the bodyguard/driver was found by local cops, the police found that the Pagani had forged insurance documents, and that “thousands” of pounds of damage was assessed. Which is probably just a drop in the bucket compared to what the Zonda originally cost, but hopefully if you can afford a Pagani Zonda and forged insurance documents, you can afford to pay for any sort of damage the Zonda would incur, short of it destroying a diamond factory. But, like, wouldn’t you also just pay for insurance? I dunno.


The Daily Mail managed to obtain security camera footage of the crash, which we can embed here:

As that crash is kind of difficult to see, we’ve also gone through the work of making a dramatic video re-enactment as well:

Please note that we actually just re-used the footage from this unfortunately hilarious ad, the music from this video, and I actually just stole that video from Raphael Orlove’s personal Kinja page. Also, that no children were harmed in the actual incident.


The bodyguard, Andy Danso, was ordered to pay a fine of £1,000, plus £400 in costs with the addition of nine points on his driver’s license. Which really isn’t so much, considering he crashed a Pagani Zonda, and he blamed it on a poorly adjusted seat.

Weirdly enough this is actually the second time this particular Zonda was crashed. The Daily Mail notes that this same car was crashed once before, and was repaired by the factory at a cost of over $500,000 in 2009.


I imagine it’ll be headed straight back to the factory once more.

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