A North Carolina Man Stole A FedEx Truck And Crashed Into A Building Right Before Trying To Kidnap Someone

The FedEx employee noticed a suspicious man approaching his truck, and disaster ensued.

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A man in Greenville, North Carolina stole a FedEx truck on Thursday morning and collided into a nearby warehouse as he tried to escape. The 31-year old man had hit a Cadillac SRX just moments before colliding into the building, and after he’d crashed, he ran back to the SUV and assaulted a child riding in the backseat. Greenville Police claim the man then tried to kidnap the 9-year old.

The child was one of two passengers in the Cadillac, which was sitting in the road after being hit by the stolen FedEx truck. The other passenger was the 9-year old’s mother, according to a report from local news outlet, WITN. The incident caused a number of road closures in Greenville, as WCTI reported:

A few bystanders, who the police referred to as good samaritans, were able to stop the the man from kidnapping the 9-year old boy. They distracted him until police arrived and arrested the suspect. All three people involved were taken to a local hospital to treat what appeared to be “non-life-threatening injuries.”


The FedEx employee who’d been driving the truck was OK. The employee had stopped on Memorial Drive after having delivered a package when he noticed the 31-year old man approach his truck. The FedEx driver managed to get away, as police claim:

A preliminary investigation has revealed the Fed Ex driver was heading south on Memorial Drive, near the intersection of Stantonsburg Road, and was stopped in the center turn lane when he was approached by a man trying to get into the truck. Fearing for his safety, the delivery driver jumped out of the passenger side of the truck. At that time, the suspect entered the truck and proceeded to drive off.


Police also claim the man who stole the delivery truck will be charged upon release with the following:

  • Felony Hit and Run Injury
  • Driving While Impaired
  • Reckless Driving to Endanger
  • Attempted 2nd Degree Kidnapping
  • Larceny of a Motor Vehicle

The investigation is still ongoing, and it’s possible other charges may apply.