A Nine in the Face of the UAW

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We remember once asking our nominal boss Jeff Bale — back in the days when we were a full-fledged early-twentysomething zinester (remember zinesters?) — why anyone would become a fascist. He replied, "Well, everyone wants to create his own utopia." At the time, we couldn't fathom why anyone would want such a utopia. But ours is not to reason why, ours is to make pithy commentary and fire warning shots across the collective bow of major automakers.

William Jacobs, however, does more than fire a warning shot, and while we don't blame the entire Detroit debacle on the UAW, he sees it as the torpedo that sunk the Battleship Potemkin, the Yamato, the Lusitania and the Bismarck. The numbers are compelling. The fact that he blames it all on left-leaning types is less-so. [Thanks to Brian for the tip.]


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