Cars in New York City that aren't lucky enough to spend their days in a $600 per month garage see a lot happen on these mean streets.

That's why it is with great sadness that we let you know that Harry Ettling's 1982 Honda Civic, affectionately known as Bluey, has been carted off to the junkyard in the sky.


The Civic, which covered 170,000 miles in 30 years, has endured a lot of hardship. Right after he — Bluey is a dude — was purchased, Bluey was in a crash that rendered him totalled. But Ettling got Bluey repaired and kept on driving. Ten years after that incident, Bluey was flipped during the Washington Heights riots of 1992.

Bluey started right up after being flipped over onto his wheels and was brought back to drivable condition with a new door and windshield.

When Ettling became nervous that his feet might go through the rusted floor of the car, he decided to make Bluey an organ doner and send him off to the junkyard.

But boy was it sent off in style.

For the funeral, Ettling donned a top hat and suit and put a colorful wreath on Bluey's hood. A Dixieland band performed in the traditional New Orleans style. And once he was loaded onto the flat bed, Ettling and friends went to the local bar to remember his beloved friend.


Ettling says that he always considered Bluey to be the "most reliable friend [he] ever had. [He's] never had a friend that would be there for [him] like this car has." He isn't getting a new car yet. He needs a little time.

(Hat tip to Sixto!)

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