A New Supra May Be Part Of Toyota's Grand Anti-Beige Strategy

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The Scion FR-S has been a boon to people who enjoy cars for something other than their daily schlep to work, and hearkens back to a time when Toyotas were something other than dishwashers with wheels and seats.


Toyota's chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada, said that it's only the beginning. He said that Akio Toyoda told him to get a Supra successor into Toyota's lineup ASAP. Apparently, the company has reexamined its values and decided that sports cars are an important part of the company's future.

The Supra successor is the second, and top-end model, of three new Toyota sports cars. The Toyobaru will occupy the middle slot, and Tada said that a new lower-end model could possibly flow along mid-engine, rear wheel drive lines reminiscent of the MR-2. It might even be a convertible.

We'll keep our fingers crossed that a company known for reliability — most of the time — keeps chipping away at the beige with splashes of brightness. The GT 86 was a fresh start, and we're excited to see what they come up with next. (Hat tip to Nighthawkwill7!)


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Ash78, voting early and often

I can't speak for how this will work, but it's encouraging.

At risk of being stoned to death, I think Toyota's designers are doing a great job, especially when compared to their most direct competitor. The Venza, for whatever it's supposed to be, is 100x better looking than the Crosstour. The Sienna is a very attractive van, and that's not easy to do. The Odyssey is horrific. Most current Lexus models look really good, while much of Acura is a floundering mess of backpedaling designs. The new Camry is meh, but it's a better meh than before. The outgoing Accord is, um, interesting, especially with those refreshed ghetto taillights.