New Toyota hybrid MR2 concept gets an eye-catching refresh

At last year's Goodwood Festival, Toyota and racing group Gazoo unveiled an MR2 fitted with front-wheel-turning electric motors and a 3.3-liter V6 for the back. For this year's event, they've upgraded the Sport Hybrid Concept to version two-point-uh-oh.


According to Toyota's UK arm, the new version "features advanced styling" and unspecified upgrades to the hybrid system of the previous MR2 concept that was good for 400 hp total — albeit with an unknown weight gain to the svelte Mister Two donor.

From the interior shot we can surmise Toyota and Gazoo have retained the continuously variable transmission installed on the previous generation. The whole project suggests someone at Toyota would like to attempt a proper sports car even with the extra weight and complexity of a hybrid system — or that they just really enjoy tarting up MR2s to tackle a hill in England.

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