A N-SeXy New Image For Acura?

This image was lost some time after publication.

Acura dropped three new vehicles, two into their line-up and one concept, today in New York including the "show-stopping world debut of the MD-X Concept SUV" pictured above. But, the really interesting news out of the Honda-lux brand is the potential for some racing cross-ties for the Acura NSX. Ya see, Acura's racing forward to enter the Le Mans Series in 2007 with a factory prototype, making it the first motorsports program for Acura. That means a lot of things for Acura (Honda), but one of the biggest potential positives from a motorsports tie-in would be the added cache produced for the as-yet-undetermined soon-to-be-forthcoming NSX. We'll be watching, we'll be waiting, and oh yes, we'll pro'lly be excited.


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