Minecraft has a dedicated, almost cult-like following in the video game world. Some players spend months building incredibly precise replicas of structures like the Millenium Falcon, Fallingwater, the Taj Mahal, and more. Now, one racing fan has built an exact replica of the Circuit de la Sarthe. And it is stunning.

The goal of Minecraft, which I normally confuse with the very different Minesweeper, is to build yourself a shelter during the daylight hours. At night, monsters come out, so you need to be done building a shelter by then. At its most basic, the game is about building something to protect yourself, but most players take it to the extreme and build amazingly intricate and detailed replicas of real things.

And it takes a long time to build these replicas. It's not an overnight thing.

This replica of the Circuit de la Sarthe took four months. Four freakin' months. And the builder, AustinZetzman (that's what he goes by on imgur), ran it in survival mode and managed to avoid the monsters completely.


And holy crap is this detailed. You'd think that he'd just build one place to hide as well as the track and say he was done. You'd be wrong.

This guy built all the garages. He built grandstands. The pit lane. The offices for the officials and timing and scoring. The media center. The rumble strips on the corner. He made everything.


It's fanatical to an entirely new level that I've never seen before. The attention to detail is crazy. Granted, it's not as smooth as the real deal, but what was built is amazingly impressive.

For comparison's sake, the real track is below. It's pretty amazing how close he got with the tools he had at hand.


He doesn't show the whole track, so maybe the entire replica isn't finished yet. The track is 8.5 miles long, and there is some more intricate detailing around the track, like the famous Dunlop Bridge. Maybe in another four months we'll be able to run away from the monsters on a total virtual lap of La Sarthe.


Hats off to you sir, now go outside and rediscover nature or perhaps spend a little time with your family. I'm willing to bet they're very worried about why you haven't left your computer room in four months.

Or maybe he's off to build cars for the track, like this guy did.

(A tip of the hat to @speedsportlife!)

Photo Credits: imgur, Getty Images