A MiG-23 fighter jet plummets from the skies over Libya

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A MiG-23 plummets from the skies over Benghazi, Libya. CNN was unable to independently identify if the plane was indeed a rebel fighter sent to reinforce their position in that city, as was suggested by a source. [via Gizmodo]


Image Credit: Getty Images

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BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

We only need one aircraft for this situation.

An aircraft that has kicked Khaddafi's ass once before. (fictionally...)

I think I am going to put Season 1 Episode 1: Shadow of the Hawke in the DVD player, and watch Airwolf blow up Libya again, now

In the real world, this whole mess is just that, a damn mess, and it is being handled so poorly that it is making a bigger mess.

It was ignored and hemmed and hawed over for weeks, and now that Khaddafi has started killing people, they decide to step in with no real plan of action, goal, or policy.

US Foreign policy went from bad but perhaps necessary in the past, to just downright moronic now.