Illustration for article titled Whats Up With This Lyft Driver Having Congressional License Plates?

A picture cropped up on Twitter showing what at first appears to be just another Honda Civic driving for Lyft—until you notice it has Congressional license plates.


Unfortunately it isn’t a DC lawmaker daylighting as a Lyft driver in desperate need of some campaign financing, but rather Rep. Elijah E. Cummings’ daughter trying to earn some extra cash for school expenses, according to The Hill.


It seems harmless enough until you realize that cars with Congressional plates get special parking spots and other privileges in the city, which could benefit a Lyft driver willing to exploit such perks.

Of course I’m not trying to suggest that’s what happening—just exactly what I would do. Now that the tweeted picture has gone relatively viral, Cummings has asked his daughter to remove the license plates.

Still, I’d totally watch a (short) movie about a hip and cool Congressman that doubles as a Lyft driver to connect with the people. Instead of a tip, he just asks you for your vote at the end of the ride.

I also love the irony that the name of the Twitter user that posted the photo is “CIVIL1AN”.

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