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A Man And His Car: George Lucas' Senior Thesis Film Found!

Illustration for article titled emA Man And His Car/em: George Lucas Senior Thesis Film Found!

Before there was Han, Luke and Chewy, or even Indiana Jones and a whip, George Lucas created A Man and His Car, his senior thesis film at USC focused solely on Peter Brock and his Lotus 23 race car.


Also knows as 1:42:08, the short is essentially a quickly edited representation of a racecar driver testing his vehicle. Filmed at California's Willow Springs Raceway, it features a script which makes Le Mans look like it was written by Aaron Sorkin. The barren hills even hint at Tatooine and, if you squint your eyes, the Lotus 23 looks just a bit like an XP-34 Landspeeder. Thanks to the guys at VODCARS for finding and posting the video.


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Ben Wojdyla

Needs digital enhancement and computer rendered characters and race sequences to completely fulfill his original vision. Also, a yearly ultimate box set to capture the magic of that first viewing.