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A lot of folks were mad about that BRE-inspired Nissan 370Z yesterday, and I’ll have more to say about it today. But I have a feeling all will be forgiven if Nissan goes Full Black Gold again.


Editor-in-Chief at Jalopnik. 2002 Toyota 4Runner.

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ANYTHING offered in a two-tone would be welcome, by any manufacturer. Todays monochromatic styling with horrid plastic grills needs to go away. No one wants an angry Nissan Versa and an Altima with a giant scowl isn’t fooling anyone. Lets get some fun colors back and mix in that two-tone joy.

If you want two-tone today it is either:

A) SUV/CUV/ABC with body color and plastic cladding


B) Pickup truck, IF they even offer two-tone on trucks anymore