What can you do with a beater Festiva? We all know the answer to that question!

Unevolved and a couple of henchmen applied Sawzall, sledgehammer, and leaf blower to the little Ford-badged Kia Pride, and what a difference!

Thought you might appreciate this. Me and two of my friends "repurposed" a $20 '88 Festiva into a hoon-tastic rally truck over the past few days. It's been mudding, racing on the track, and bowling for 55-gallon drums. If my life had a highlight reel, staring down a brand-new R8 from the passenger seat of Truckstiva while my friend revved the engine at him while both cars were sitting on grid at Texas World Speedway would definitely be on there. Took the car for some epic mudding today in the junkyard at the track, it's amazing offroad.