A Lego Technic Pagani Zonda Is As Awesome As It Sounds

There are some vehicles you probably won't own in this lifetime. Things like an active nuclear submarine, a Space Shuttle, or even something a bit less powerful, like a Pagani Zonda. With the first banch of Huayras already delivered for those willing to fork out twice of the list price for them, used Zondas have started to get more expensive as well. Of course, Horacio Pagani will also make you a new one, if you have $2.6 million to spend. Lewis Hamilton had that amount, but in case you aren't getting F1 superstar money, we have a solution.


Danish dream-supplier LEGO claims that their plastic bricks are accurate to 10 micrometers, a kind of precision that appeals to people like Pawel "Sariel" Kmiec. The Polish guru has not only created a perfectly driveable Zonda with proper pushrod suspention out of what he found in the boxes, but also wrote a 352 page long book about custom Technics wizardry to help the rest of us achive the same. We approve.



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Ash78, voting early and often

Call me old-school, but as cool as Technic is, it sort of bypasses a lot of the inherent creativity of building with limitations (ie, 20-30 general block shapes and sizes). In Technic, if Lego wants to build a kit, you get a ton of customized parts to work with. That expands your options, obviously, but it also becomes more esoteric.

Nonetheless, it's still really cool, just like those guys who build full-size car models out of wood (or working Lambos in their basements...)