A Knife-Wielding Man Attacked Florida Traffic

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The question of what to do when you're in Florida, high out of your mind, and in possession of an 11-inch-long knife has been answered: You should attack traffic. Well, maybe that's not what you should do, but the highness and knife-wielding are questionable activities, too, as is hanging around in the Sunshine State.

But that's what Stuart Ross Paterson decided to do while he was similarly afflicted this week. Police responded to complaints about his behavior, and found him waving his knife menacingly at a couple of motorists stopped at an intersection.

One of the cops pulled his gun on Paterson, but Paterson continued freaking out, unfazed. He knew Paterson from other incidents, and when he called him by his nickname – Rossee – Paterson stopped waving his knife around and was arrested without further incident. Police found a bag of something that looked like drugs in Rossee's pocket. Go figure.


Photo credit: Shutterstock; Monroes County Jail

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Knife wielding man attacking cars you say...where is a Subaru when you need one.