A Hardtop For Cheapskates: 1967 AMC Rebel

Coil-spring seats! A six-banger engine! Molded acoustical headliner! A big gas tank! The hardhatted Kenosha gentleman in this ad wants you to know that the '67 AMC Rebel is the cheapest intermediate-sized hardtop in America. "Either we're charging too little, or the other guys are charging too much!" Now if only we could find an ad for the amazing '69 Rebel Machine...

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Have you priced a Rebel coupe lately? It's crazy.. one sold on eBay a few months ago for more than they cost new.

My folks had a Rebel SST sedan - total Q ship. But I could not get past the horrible seats: acres of off white vinyl with button tufted brown naughahyde. Your ass slid right across the car anytime you rounded a corner.