Traffic Jam Jimmy of WBFF Fox 45 Baltimore, BALTIMORE'S NEWS LEADER, is a traffic man of the people. And you know that, because when weather reporter Candace Dold tosses to him for a traffic update, he's going through the McDonald's Drive-Thru. And weirder yet, the station just keeps going with it.


The video has way more questions than answers, besides what the hell is up with Jam Jimmy's beard?

I mean, I'm not questioning why a dude wants breakfast. Guy's gotta eat. I'm wondering if it's real. Who does a traffic report from inside a car? Aren't you supposed to be in a helicopter or in front of a screen with maps of red and green lines?


Still, the station keeps going with it – for over a minute – as Traffic Jam Jimmy gets his meal, and he's got a perfectly-positioned McDonald's bag already in the background. That's gotta be good "Viral" "Marketing" for "Brands".

Either that or Traffic Jam Jimmy really enjoys the taste of his McD's.

For the sake of all of our health, I really hope it's the former.

H/t to Ilya!

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