Use Our Generic Kyle Busch Post-Race Statement For Future NASCAR Wins

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Kyle Busch wins so often in NASCAR that it’s almost a non-story that he won tonight’s late-running, rain-delayed Duck Commander 500. Like many professional drivers, there’s a clear pattern in Busch’s post-race commentary. So, we’ve done him a solid and come up with this handy template for future use.


Tonight’s race at Texas Motor Speedway was reigning Sprint Cup champion Busch’s second back-to-back sweep of a national NASCAR series weekend. It’s his ninth time to win both the Xfinity and Sprint Cup races in one weekend—the most times any NASCAR driver has ever accomplished said feat. Tonight’s win makes it four wins in eight days for Busch. Hey, the dude can wheel a car.

We here at Jalopnik have Kyle’s back in case he’s ever at a loss for words in the post-race media briefing. Just fill in the blanks Mad Libs-style and boom: instant statement.

Well, we had a really good car today, and a great effort from the whole team. [Crew chief] and the team come here so well prepared, and we learned a lot in practice that ultimately paid off during the race itself.

[Optional paragraph, when applicable:] Despite [setback], we were able to bounce back for the win because of [brief mention of redemption strategy]. All of a sudden, everything just clicked and we knew we had a winning car.

[Crew chief] made awesome adjustments to the car as the night wore on, keeping us in the hunt for the lead. It felt good to be out in front, and hats off to the guys in the pit box for getting this car into Victory Lane. It’s so special to be here representing [primary sponsor] to claim this [impressive stat of the night].

Best of all, this statement is generic enough to easily apply to any other drivers who may win a NASCAR race. Are you a winning driver at a loss for words? Don’t risk alienating a sponsor or potentially saying something controversial. Just whip out the template.

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Grinding Gears

That’s the same for every sport. I honestly don’t know why they even do those post game or race interviews. It’s like they’re secretly hoping the person is going to be a dick and say that their team mates were all a bunch of twats and they won the whole thing themselves.