West Branch, MI, is one of those up-north-but-not-quite-up-north Michigan towns on I-75 where people drive to see the fall colors, stay in their cabins and do all kinds of nature stuff. But the year-round residents there don't take shit.

Not sure what exactly happened at the West Branch Little League, who hosted a state championship last year, that prompted this sign, but it's a needed caution for all the helicopter parents high on Red Bull and donuts nationwide trying to relive their high-school glory days.


"Please remember," the sign reads, "these are kids, this is a game, coaches are volunteers, umpires are human, you do not play for the Tigers." A billionaire pizza magnate is not paying your kid to run the bases here.

The sign's popularity comes during a violent time for below-pro sports, including the case of a teen soccer player punched a referee who later died.

(H/T HuffPo Detroit via Vintage Mitten)