To celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in 1963, Don Minkoff bought his wife a car. He sat her down inside, covered her eyes, and told her she was the proud owner of a new station wagon. But when his bride felt the 1956 Mercedes-Benz 220SE's seats and smelled its leather, she knew she this was no wagon.

That gorgeous 220SE convertible became a much-loved treasure in the Minoff family, one used for many a vacation. These days it's kept in shape by Don's son Mark Minkoff, who is highlighted in the latest video from those beautiful vintage-loving bastards over at Petrolicious.

Mark Minkoff has several great cars in his garage, but this one is his favorite. Like his dad, he appreciates the hand-built craftsmanship that went into these old Benzes, making them "lifetime cars" with the right caretaker.

There are some heirlooms that should stay in the family. This is one of them.