A Dude Just Got Ran Over At The 12 Hours Of Sebring

The number 16 Prototype Challenge car of BAR1 Motorsports just ran a dude over on live TV. BAR1's car was trying to leave the pits side-by-side with the Krohn Racing P2 car and unfortunately, there was a crew member in the way working on the Fifty Plus Racing car.

The poor crew guy gets tossed up like a rag doll up and over the open-cockpit race car.


Surprisingly, the broadcast didn't seem to make much of a big deal out of the collision. A dude got run over, no big deal. Typical outing at Sebring.

The number 16 car only got a drive-thru penalty for the wildly unsafe release and contact that followed (and running a dude over; let's not forget that they ran a dude over). The penalty was officially for a pit traffic violation.

They probably need to deliver an ice pack or some cookies to that Fifty Plus Racing crew man in the medical center, too.

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