A Drunk Driver Captured Their Own Harrowing Journey On A Dashcam And It's Pretty Clenching

We all know driving drunk is among the things to be considered “Extremely Bad,” but it can be hard to fathom just how bad until you see it up close. But a drunk driver in Britain managed to record her own terrifying drunk ride through a dashcam, and the result will make you never even consider doing it.


The driver swerves all over the road, clipping curbs, blitzing through residential streets at over 50 mph, and weaving here and there, before finally smashing into the back of a parked Audi:

It’s very intense just watching the whole thing, let alone if you were a passenger.

Sussex Police said in a press release that they made the video public not because it’s a particularly egregious example of drunk driving, but precisely because it’s so typical:

“The scary thing is this isn’t a particularly unusual or extraordinary example of drink-driving; the driver has displayed a number of characteristics which you would typically expect. What you wouldn’t expect, of course, is for someone in such a state to get behind the wheel of their car.”

Police were first alerted to the incident at 5.24pm on 4 April by a member of the public concerned for the driver of a white Vauxhall Corsa described as repeatedly clipping the kerb on the A259 Marsh Road.

Shortly afterwards, a further call was received by another member of the public who reported the same vehicle being driven erratically before crashing into a parked Audi A4. Following this, the suspect reversed and drove off, before stopping again a short distance later.

Thankfully, the driver was uninjured, though we can’t say the same for her Vauxhall Corsa or that smashed Audi.

Next time just call a taxi or something. Please.

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