A Dirk Diggler Coat For a Red V8 Aston

Certain cars call for certain clothes and when that certain car is a "bad ass 1970's red V8 Aston" the man to call is Timothy Everest, a British taylor with an eye for the badass.

A quick glance at Everest’s blog will show that the rather mischievous suits he cuts are definitely not your stodgy I-have-to-wear-these-to-work suits but then neither is the Aston Martin V8 your stodgy I-have-to-drive-this-to-work car.


It does take some chutzpah to get away with such massive acreage of pelt on one’s lapels but a letter from the gentleman who ordered the coat suggests that he’s got the touch:

I’ve got a bad ass 1970’s red V8 Aston with a big bore exhaust which I’ve shoved a load of speakers and a subwoofer into, so I can play wild 1970’s rare grooves and funk while racing around. The town coat kinda went with that feel! I should change my name to Dirk Diggler!"

Photo Credit: Timothy Everest, Nicola Jones

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