A Designer Sketched Up A Mid-Engined Mini Supercar And It's Actually Awesome

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The mid-engined Mini
The mid-engined Mini
Screenshot: The Sketch Monkey

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about mid-engined versions of cars we already know. First, it was the mid-engined Corvette. Then the mid-engined Camry. And now, an artist has brought us a mid-engined Mini.

The video, posted by The Sketch Monkey and spotted by Carscoops, goes through how the designer brings Mini themes to the mid-engined supercar format. The finished product is round, bubbly and cute while still maintaining some supercar aggression.

Since it’s entirely theoretical, there’s no time spent on what would power a Mini supercar. But, based on the companies roots of lightweight performance, we could imagine a BMW i8 drivetrain dropped into a smaller package.


Naturally, this is nothing more than a fun thought experiment. On the list of companies likely to make a mid-engined supercar, Mini falls somewhere between Jeep and Buick. Even still, the finished product looks cool.