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That's it. We're finding us a gray-market RHD Mitsubishi Fuso Canter box van, picking it up at the Port of Los Angeles, rolling up the 110 to Mt. Washington, distracting the Loverman from his brewing and then hopping up the 5 to the 2 to Montrose, where we will acquire ourselves a Bumbeck. With Johnson in Tigers cap and 'stache, Bumbeck suitably porkpied and chickenskinned, and Jonny totally fezzed out, Los Los Angeles Jalops shall descend upon Canter's Deli in their Canter (replete with retro Lollipop Boy emblazoned on the side). And then we'll all bitch about how lame it was that we couldn't score a Super Great.

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter [Wikipedia]

SUPER GREAT POTENTIAL! Can This Truck Solve the Woes of DCX? [Internal]


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