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A Couple Crashed This Lamborghini Right After Buying It And Ran Away

Illustration for article titled A Couple Crashed This Lamborghini Right After Buying It And Ran Away

Let's say you, John Q. Reader, just bought a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago. You go out for a drive in your new car with a special lady friend. You crash said Lamborghini. What do you do? Apparently, you get the hell out of there and leave the car behind.


A 2008 Murcielago that still had temporary plates on it was crashed in La Jolla, California late last night. Instead of calling the cops and taking care of business, the occupants of the car took off.

Y'know, as one that's just crashed an incredibly expensive exotic supercar in California tends to do. Or perhaps they were running away before it caught fire, since supercars seem to like to do that?


A witness said they saw two people leave the car. One was a blonde woman "believed to be in her 50s wearing a black hoodie" and the other was a man shorter than the woman. Cops are looking for them. So basically you're looking for a short dude with a slightly taller blonde woman.

How hard could that be to find in California?

I hope to one day be rich enough to crash a Murcielago or a similar supercar and then be able to just say "screw it" and leave it at the side of the road. It must be nice.

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Brian, The Life of

Prediction time! I'm going to go out on a limb here and hazard a guess that it was these people, Oztar de Jourday and his wife Lena. Oztar is a short napoleon-complexed realtor in La Jolla and his wife is blonde and taller than him. He is EXACTLY the kind of douchebag who would buy a used Lamborghini to impress his clients only to pile it immediately afterwards. He's a dick, trust me. I've met him on several occasions and find his personality completely revolting.