A Chevette That Doesn't Suck

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A friend of a friend once had a Chevette. They'd go to parties and the guy would pull a girl aside, chat her up and say, "Hey, wanna go for a ride in my 'Vette?" And then they'd get outside and, well, you get the idea. However, according to our friend, it often worked. Nevertheless, we think one would pull more tail in this Chevette, a four-off racer from 1964, one of which was owned by Jerry Hansen, who was obviously studly enough to father the hot Courtney Hansen of Overhaulin' fame. And you know what they say, it takes two to make the genes go right. This particular example was run by Dick Doane, whose son is a close personal business partner of tipster and commenter Steve Downing. We declare that this car should only be allowed to be driven by people with sideburns.


Dick Doane<\/a> [Meadowdale Raceway]<\/p>

Joie Freakin' Chitwood!<\/a> [Internal]<\/p>

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