Canada! It's the land of ice hockey, free healthcare from the government and roving bears who mercilessly attack expensive SUVs, it seems.

This report from the delightfully-named Sex, Cigars & Booze Lifestyle Magazine tells us of a Toyota Sequoia SUV in Calgary that got absolutely trashed by a bear recently.

How bad, you ask? Bad enough that his insurance company totaled out the car. The magazine reports that the door panels were ripped off, the seats and dash were shredded, the steering column was twisted, the airbags went off, and the wiring harnesses were clawed out. The bear also pooped in the back of the SUV because bears are just assholes in general.


Apparently, the Sequoia cost more than $70,000 Canadian, and insurers stopped counting repair costs at $60 grand. Thanks a lot, bear!

What's the biggest hazard to cars where you live?


Photos credit Sex, Cigars & Booze Lifestyle Magazine