Yesterday, a camouflaged version of the next generation 2014 Corvette appeared in Gran Turismo 5. Could the car debut in GT5 before it does in real life?

Chevy is set to reveal the all-new C7 Corvette next January at the Detroit Auto Show. Our readers (and anyone who cares about the 'Vette) have already seen our spy photos of the car and the entire 2014 Chevy Corvette in our exclusive renders.

This camouflaged version just appeared in GT5 and looks exactly like our spy photos, including the Michigan manufacturer license plate often found on prototypes. In this case, the "Michigan" on the plate has been replaced with Polyphony — a nod to Gran Turismo's creators.

This isn't the first time a car has shown up in camo in a Gran Turismo game. In GT5 Prologue, they released a camouflaged version of the most recent Nissan GT-R, and then the next day they had a completely undisguised, fully drivable version. The same thing could be happening with the C7 Corvette, although less likely since it's a completely new reveal and not a refresh.


Whether or not GT5, spotted by GTPlanet, decides to break out the next Chevy flagship today, you can already see what the 2014 ‘Vette will look like right here on Jalopnik.


There's also an odd Lamborghini with stripes starting to appear. Could it be the Aventador Roadster that debuted this morning?

(Hat tip to Jordan and Spiderman!)