A Bullrun Recap From The Friendly Folks At MR. ANGRY

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For some of you, the images of the "Project ANGRIER" 1969 Dodge Daytona replica will forever be etched on your subconscious, filed under "badass." Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as planned for the Daytona with the run ending way early due to a busted wheel. After the wheel was replaced with a Ford Fusion, the team pressed on for the eventual finish in Phoenix. A full report of the race is posted over at Cardomain, so go check it out for all the juicy details on just what kind of wheel failure retires a made-to-run rally car.

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Rob Emslie

Come on people, stop cappin' on the Fusion. The Daytona had a wheel Kevorkian on him. When he went to pop the trunk, there was no spare - damn...

I'm sure when he walked into the Avis office the first thing he asked for was a Daytona, preferably with the wing.

No? Don't have that? Okay, how about a Challenger? Hemi 426? No? Sigh, okay what have you got that looks ominous and is fast? I need something that'll scare the old ladies and pop the nipples on the young ones. Something that'll wake the dead with its exhaust note, tear the speed limit signs from their masts with its wake, and will win me this damn rally.

So what have you got?!

A Fusion? Automatic? Okay, that'll do. Yes, I would like the insurance.