A busted traffic light can ruin people's day anywhere, but in Beijing, a densely peopled city known of for some of the worst traffic in the world, it can be a see-it-from-space problem.

A Beijing blogger captured video images of the Chinese capital's insane traffic quagmire, one that had cars stretching past the horizon visible from atop a tall building.

The commentary recorded by this person of the Peoples' Republic is priceless:

This is my every nightmare about the city, frightening precisely because I - and any Beijinger, really - could easily find myself stuck in that paralyzing morass of postmodernity, equipped with no salve for a spiking blood pressure except heinous imaginings of unspeakable acts to perform on sentient, suffering beings. The abyss gazes back indeed.


(Hat tip to Anthony!)

Photo credit: BeijingShenghuo