A British Grand Prix On London's Streets Would Be An Absolute Blast

This weekend the British Grand Prix will take place at the Silverstone Circuit, as it has for many years. But what if it was held on a street course in London instead?

That idea was actually floated in 2012, and a course map was created, but it was killed because of the traffic and public safety nightmare it would probably create. Think how cool it would look though! Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Trafalgar Square... forget Monaco, that could be the most scenic F1 race in the world.


So our pals at XCAR decided to drive that planned course map to see what it would be like. They couldn't get an F1 car, obviously, but they did it in a Caterham Supersport, and nobody's gonna argue with that.

Would you like to see F1 cars race through London's streets?

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