A BMW Pickup Truck Is Not Happening

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Lest you think BMW is on a quest to fill every possible niche in the automotive realm, here's a reminder that there are some places even they won't go. In response to the news that Mercedes-Benz is making a pickup truck , BMW North America's CEO had this to say: "Nah, bro."

Well, not in those exact words, of course. (That would be awesome.) CEO Ludwig Willisch told Automotive News that while Mercedes has a history of trucks, vans and buses, such large vehicles aren't what BMW is all about.

"It is always about staying true to the brand," says Ludwig Willisch, CEO of BMW of North America. "It is about driving, not transporting others."

Daimler and Nissan are developing a midsize pickup for Mercedes-Benz, and Mercedes' U.S. sales arm is studying whether to sell a version. "It may fit their brand, but not ours," said Willisch, pointing out that, unlike Mercedes, BMW does not build buses or trucks.


It seems that the upcoming BMW X7 is as large as the Bavarians are willing to go, at least right now. We'll see if that changes someday. The last time I drove a BMW X6 M I noted it was very Texan, and the only way it could be more so was if it had a tailgate and a King Ranch Edition trim level.

You know people would buy it. Just sayin'.

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