A Bit of Fiddling: Michael Jonas' Mallett Solstice

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We heard a rumor from somebody that Chuck Mallett was going to premiere an absolutely obscene GM Kappa-platform vehicle at SEMA. (Okay, we heard it from Chuck himself.) This isn't it. What it is is Stainless Steel Brakes' Michael Jonas' LS2-powered Solstice, fresh from Mallett's shop. With a claimed 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds, a shorty wheelbase, and a couple of hundred pounds over the front axle that weren't there when it was Ecotec equipped, Jonas comments, "It's a real handful to drive with all this power on such a short wheelbase. This car definitely isn't for the faint of heart." Knowing what we know, we're positively terrified at the prospect of what caliber of weapon Chuck'll be hauling out to Vegas.


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I like the Solsice either way. But why buy this when after the conversion it's in the same price range as a Corvette? The Solstice is great because it's $20k, and this would be awesome at maybe $30k. But $40k+ for a super-Solstice? Aside from the novelty, I wouldn't be able to justify it against a vette, especially when things like warranties etc. factor in.