A Big Gawker Oops on Site Performance

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As you may have noticed, yesterday was a banner day for absolutely cat-ass trophic site performance. It appears the Gawk is having some growing pains, laid bare by huge spikes on Gizmodo and Defamer (what, no overlap between the CeBit and Academy Awards audiences?) that rippled through the system like an unmuffled big block in the dining hall of a Capuchin monastery. It sent the boys in lab coats scurrying to put a new rig online to meet the demand. Meanwhile, over at Jalopnik, we were all Parnelli Jones and Bill Stroppe in a kind of hell that made the Baja 1000 look like parallel parking on dewey crabgrass. What's worse, comments were down, which made us realize how much we've come to rely on you guys for your insight and for contributing an overall wiseassed undertone. Things should be better today, but rest assured that we're doing all we can, yada, yada, yada. Comments are back, so have at 'em.


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