With the Enzo now out of production, and no mega-super-car in the Ferrari stable, the prancing stallion brand believes the Millechili concept, first revealed at the automaker's 60th anniversary extravaganza, to move from the realm of conceptual toilet paper tubes to production. Fuel to that fire comes today by way of Car und Driver. The buff book's sources report Ferrari is looking to see the Ferrari Millechili hit the streets as a 2010 model. The only thing is β€” what the hell would the numbers look like given the concept's slim n' trim weight?

Though still based on a slightly stretched version of the delightful Ferrari F430, this car will be adding both horsepower and serious lightness. Although our sources give us different numbers than the 1000 Kg and 2,200 lb target originally given with the concept. Our whispers, coming by way of a source with intimate knowledge of Ferrari's upcoming product lineup, tell us the targets are far more aggressive than other outlets are reporting, with Ferrari setting goals of 900 Kg, or 1,984 lbs on the weight side. And on the power side β€” 900 HP coming out of a V8 instead of Car und Driver's reported V10. Those are pretty eye-popping numbers β€” which we're hopeful will lead to eye-watering performance.

But what should we expect? The technology behind it is supposedly to come primarily from their dominating racing program. Reportedly the name Millechili won't survive, which is no loss, but the idea of a horse per kilo is a magical thought, even if the price will bring everyone right back to reality. [via Car & Driver]