If you're filthy rich and looking to charter a large private jet, you can bring a two-starred Michelin chef along to do your cooking. Privajet's Boeing Business Jet seats 18, sleeps 9, and promises some of the best meals upon which you'll ever dine.

Privajet's Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)

Privajet will use two chefs from Yves Mattagne's Sea Grill, a two-starred Michelin restaurant in Brussels on a six-month rotating basis to provide fine dining on board its flights, which are marketed toward heads of state and "ultra-high net worth individuals."


Privajet's BBJ can fly up to twelve hours, so you and your entourage will have time to enjoy two incredible meals, complete with the finest wines, champagne and caviar. The plane will be loosely-based in the Middle East, where Privajet expects most of their clientele to be, based on their research.

Images by Privajet

Source: Corporate Jet Investor