A 1987 Jaguar XJ6 Makes You Look Like An Old Money Hero

First of all, I don't understand what's difficult in pronouncing Jaguar. It's the same as the animal, only with more horsepower. Get over it!

If the idea of buying an old XJ6 crosses your mind, your nerve system should react the same way as to walking into a burning building. It should suggest to do anything but. Yet if you decide to go for one today, you shall get love from the general public. They like heroes.


The Series 3 XJ6 is so Jaaaaaag you don't dare to park next to it, and while some look at it and say "hey, here's a cheap engine for my E-Type", this elegant sedan deserves much more recognition than that.

This massive pile of steel, wood and leather is just nice when it works. No more, no less, just nice. It was engineered to make you special, you crazy person!

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