A 13-Year Old Launched Her Grandma's Car On Top Of This Buick

A Michigan teen is in a ton of trouble after she got in the driver's seat of her grandmother's car and went for a little joyride in a Bed, Bath, & Beyond parking lot.

The 13-year old was in the car while her grandmother was shopping, just listening to the radio. At some point, she decided it would be a good idea to move over to the driver's seat. Perhaps she'd nudged the radio over to some college radio station and was moved by the Dead Kennedys to a bit of destruction.


Empowered by angst or boredom, the girl drove the gold Mercury into a tree, and then a utility pole, and then into two other cars. As if that weren't enough, she then found a way to launch the Mercury onto a poor nearby Buick.

Police said charges "are forthcoming" against the girl and her grandmother, since she left the keys in the car.

Photo Credit: via MLive.com

(Hat tip to @ColleenStone!)

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