$940K Hispano-Suiza Hybridized Audi R8 Heading To Geneva?

A report from AutoBILD.de claims the latest Hispano-Suiza model is Geneva-bound — and by "latest" we mean the first one in nearly 75 years. It'll supposedly be offered as an uglier and more expensive hybrid variant of the Audi R8.

Hispano-Suiza was always more of an aeronautical company than a car company, which explains crazy vehicles like the aircraft-engined, six-wheel Hispano-Suiza H6A. That explains the name, but what's not explained in the report is why someone would do something as hideous as this to a poor Audi R8. If the PS1-era Metal Gear Solid graphics are to be believed, the front clip will be completely restyled and the rest of it equally ruined with jagged accoutrement.


While there are claimed improvements underneath, such as the twin-supercharger putting out an additional 750 HP, there's also the promise (threat?) of an electric motor being placed at the front for an additional 150 HP — enough to slowly run the car on pure electric power. It's still too early to tell if this is a monster or a monstrosity, but with a price of around $940K it's not like it'll matter to most of us.

[AutoBILD.de (translated) via Fourtitude]


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