926 HP Holden Ute: Blueprint For An Epic Pontiac G8 El Camino

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Considering everything under the skin of the new Pontiac G8 El Camino sport truck is basically a Holden Ute, it stands to reason all the modifications done to this truck-car could be done to our sport truck. How would you feel about a 926 HP El Camino? We would feel pretty good about it, all seven seconds we drove it before planting it into a wall somewhere. The mega-hoons at C.A.P.A. Performance who build this baby really understand the idea of Maximum El Camino Day - it's every day of their lives.


We'll let them tell the story on this very serious business-in-the-front ute:

We started building our new project car, a VE SS Ute 3 weeks before Summernats. There were many late nights spent building an Engine, Strengthening the Driveline and Developing the Supercharger kit to where it is now.

The engine was stroked to 409 cubic inches, with a one off crank, rods and pistons installed to ensure the engine could withstand over 20psi of boost at 7200rpm. A Custom Camshaft and Ported Big Valve Heads were also used in the build. A custom supercharger kit was developed to allow a V7 YSi Supercharger to be driven off the crank with a 50mm gilmer pulley system. The supercharger kit install includes larger 3.5" pipework and a Custom 200mm thick intercooler with Mondo Bypass Valve mounted behind the front bumper. Exhaust Gasses leave the engine via CAPA 1 7/8" Tri-Y Extractors and a Twin 3" Exhaust.

With all the extra power up front, the drivetrain and brakes had to be upgraded accordingly, with a built T-56 gearbox, Twin Plate Clutch and Full Spool 3.45" installed. Touring Car inspired brakes help bring the Ute to a halt, with 365mm 6 Piston Front and 320mm 4 Piston Rear Brakes sitting behind 22" wheels wrapped in 245mm and 265mm wide rubber. The car sits lower to the ground using Bilstien Coil-overs specifically set up for this ute.

Additional fuel is supplied by an alloy fuel tank, 3 bosch motorsport pumps and a Vortech Super FMU.

We entered our ute in the Horsepower Heroes dyno competition, and it made 856.6 Horsepower at the wheels. The Ute is capable of producing more power, but we had some unfortunate issues with the Clutch slipping. We will be working with Xtreme to build a more powerful clutch before we run the ute up again, which should see the Ute produce over 1000 Horsepower at the wheels. We also took home the Top Super Tech Trophy, which was awarded to the best Street Car which features New Technology and High Levels of Innovation.



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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

@TheBlueBomber: Use a shovel or a spade.

@Euromobile: There was a company in the late 70's early 80's that used to fit malaise era Trans Am front noses to these Sandmans and utes. Sounds and looks weird, but true. I'll have to find a picture somewhere to blow your little jalop minds

(by little, I don't mean that in a flippant way)