A 90-year old man was out grocery shopping when he fell. He was in pain, but store staff helped him get to his car so he could drive home. Once he got home, he realized he couldn't get out of his car and the battery died. He lived in the car, without water, for four days.

Justyn Ambrozia, who lives in Florida, was out shopping when he took a bit of a tumble in the grocery store. Employees helped him up and to his car, and he drove home. When he got home, he couldn't open the door of his car thanks to his swollen, and broken wrist. His hip was also broken, making the drive home even more improbable.

And why workers put him in a car and didn't call an ambulance makes no sense at all.

Once Ambrozia realized he was stuck, he tried to honk the horn of his car. He says that the battery died once he was in his garage. He tried opening and closing his garage door repeatedly to attract attention, but nobody came. The mailman walked by and couldn't hear him yelling for help.

Someone finally saw him four days later. Ambrozia had no water for four days, but he had the groceries he just bought. Ambrozia ate pound cake, veggies, and ice cream bars to survive.


The 90-year old World War II veteran is doing well, and was rather philosophical about the whole incident: "I can't complain. When something like this happens, it happens."


(Hat Tip to Automatch!)