76 Russian Soccer Fans Brawl On Highway, Shake Hands, Leave Amicably

Sometimes in life, you and 37 buddies have to meet on an icy highway so you can have a massive fistfight with 38 other dudes over a soccer rivalry that ends with hugs and handshakes. It just happens, okay?


Well, maybe it doesn't happen to you, but it happens in Russia. And when crazy shit goes down in Russia, there is almost always video involved.

According to The Moscow Times, this now-viral YouTube video depicts a melee between fans of the Moscow-based teams Spartak and Dynamo as they pummel one another into bloody pulps. The terms are fair, at least — 38 on each side, no weapons.

And then, after a good three minutes of fighting (that's actually a long time in a group fistfight) they help each other up and leave on good terms.

Why do they do this? Because tradition, the newspaper reports:

According to one of the participants of the brawl, Denis Tsarev, the fight was preplanned and the gangs are hoping to stage an even bloodier fight next time.

"We fight before every game between Spartak and Dynamo, we support our teams. This was not a very serious fight, next time we will fight until we are even more bloody," he told news site Znak.ru.

Never change, Russia.

Hat tip to Ilya!



The only thing that US fans of the Dynamo fight with is obesity.