Malaise Novas have become pretty rare, and the badge-engineered Buick version has nearly disappeared from the earth. Here's one I found at a local self-service wrecking yard.

This car appears to have received a pseudo-donk treatment prior to entering the metal-recycling food chain, judging from the rear wheels.

Later on in the 1970s, The General decided that a 350 is a 350 is a 350 and began the practice of dropping random Olds, Buick, and Chevy V8s in their cars, depending on what they had handy at the factory on a given day. Back in 1974, however, your Apollo got a genuine Buick engine… which had 150 horsepower versus the Chevy 350's 145.


You don't see a lot of blue cars with red interiors these days. In fact, you didn't see a lot of them back in the Malaise Era. Perhaps this car has obtained a new paint job during its travels.