700 Lb Man Carried To Court In U-Haul Truck

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Put down the Fat Tuesday Paczki and ask yourself, how much is too much? Apparently, for Stephen A. Turo, enough is when you have to rent a U-Haul truck to get you to the courthouse.


This Geneo, NY man was indicted for 24 counts of alleged sale and possession of prescription painkillers. His wife was arraigned last week on a 17-count indictment that also alleged possession and sale of prescription painkillers, but when her husband, Stephen A. Turo, didn't show, the judge obviously got a little mad. Upon explaining the situation, the judge ordered Turo to arrive in court this week or he would be found to be in contempt of court. Not wanting to further his legal troubles, the estimated 700-pound man was loaded, with help, into a U-Haul truck and then whisked away to court.

Due to his obesity, Turo was unwilling unable to walk or roll into court, so the court room was brought to him. But bringing it to him meant that the judge, bailiff, court reporter and the rest of the circus needed to go out and brave the bitter 18-degree weather. The 15-minute proceeding was held in the U-Haul's 10-foot box that had been backed up to the loading dock in the rear of the Auburn Historic Post Office.

The trip to Auburn was the first time Turo has been out of his home in several years and it's been said that it's unlikely he will appear back in court until his case is settled. If convicted of his accused crime, Turo will spend 25 years in state prison and will land himself the title of 'largest man ever in jail' according the Syracuse News.

State Department of Correctional Services spokesman, Erik Kriss, said:

"No one on our medical staff can recall an inmate that heavy being in our custody,but they did say whatever size inmate we get and however heavy, we will make sure they will have the right bed and all the rest of that stuff so that they can have their needs met."


Enjoy your Paczki, Yum!

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Okay, I know that this thread is going to be dominated by countless fat jokes and the derision associated with them, but I can't quite bring myself to join in on that.

Frankly, I just find this entire story to be sad. It's sad not just because of his morbid obesity, not just because of his legal troubles, but by the symbolic statement on US affairs that this well and truly is, and the reflection cast upon those who here in the internet and spew out countless fat jokes, when in all reality, a great many of them are overweight and obese from sitting around their desks all day, eating crap, and then trying moronic Hollywood miracle diets and diet pills.

A sad story that is also a sad statement of contemporary reality.