700 HP Saab 99 Is The Best Sleeper Ever

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By all outward appearances, this Saab 99 is a nicely maintained Grandma car. Underneath, it's an all-wheel-drive, turbocharged, 700 HP terror machine capable of 9.8 second quarter miles. This Swede-built creation is likely the most ridiculous sleeper ever created.

Winters are long in Sweden and very dark. There's not much to keep you entertained, which explains why so many of the world's stupid-awesome projects come from the Nordic regions. This one is high, very high on the awesomeworld meter. These nutjobs took a straight-bodied Saab 99, stripped the interior and caged it, removed the engine and replaced all the internals then turned it around 180 degrees and mated it to an Audi 100 transmission and all-wheel-drive system, turbocharged the bejesus out of it and made everyone's wildest dreams come true. Our hats are certainly, and respectfully off to you, crazy Swedish Saab hoons.

[Build Blog (translated from Swedish) via CarThrottle]

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Jonathan Harper

I do love me a sneaky sleeper. #saab