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7:30 Of Cars Crashing On The Same Nürburgring Corner In 1970

The current iteration of the Nürburgring is a largely sanitized space that's been safely reshaped thanks to years of crashes and accidents, thus making our constant references to the "Green Hell" slightly hyperbolic... with the exception of public tourist days. That shit cray.


Now imagine a more dangerous, less well-marked 'Ring full of drivers in Fiat 850s and Beetles and Porsche 914s and Opels rounding Adenauer Forst. This is what you get. We miss rear-engined cars.


This video is hypnotic.

(Hat tip to RJ!)

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Things I learned from this video.

1.Don't drive a beetle

2.Wear a seatbelt

3.German's have lots of unsecured shit in their cars