60-Car Pileup On Austrian Autobahn

The good folks at CarDomain were kind enough to point us to another example of vehicular destruction today. As if we hadn't already had our fill with that crushed Nissan GT-R in Malaysia and the toppled Genesis sedans. Maybe we're just starting to feel a little bit dangerously destructive these days. Who knows. Anyway, there was a 60-car pileup on a motorway near Seewalchen, Austria today. One dead, 30 injured. And look, there's video for all you sick fucks to enjoy. I'm going to go and open a new bottle of scotch. And no, not the good stuff — the real rot-gut, twist up your insides kind that you buy for cheap at the bodega down the street. Yeah, it's just that kind of a day. [MSNBC via CarDomain]

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