The Ferrari FXX featured in the trailer for Fast And Furious 6 is not a Ferrari FXX. Oh no.

Axis of Oversteer first noticed that the car didn't look quite right, then one of its readers pointed out that the red track missile is, in fact, a kit car.


What appears to be the exact same car is listed on Race Cars Direct as a Morisco IDR "M Car." It has Ferrari badges on the nose and sides, but no Ferrari engine. There's a BMW M62 V8 out of an M5, cradled in a chromemoly tubular chassis.

That's nice, but it's no 800+ horsepower Ferrari V12, like you get in a real FXX.

The car is listed as sold by Formula Motor at a list price of 65,000 Euros. The ad for the car was put up on October 26, 2012 in the Canary Islands. Fast And Furious 6 filmed on that island.


We will see how Ferrari responds to the film using a non-Ferrari car with a prancing horse on it. They have come down hard on other companies in the past. When small aftermarket tuning company Milano Torino started showing off renderings of a car with a Ferrari badge, Ferrari made their website disappear.

When wealthy director and famed car collector James Glickenhaus contracted Pininfarina to build him a custom Ferrari based on the Enzo, Ferrari pressured him to remove any reference to the brand on his one-off P4/5. Glickenhaus pushed back that time, but when he made another custom Ferrari, this time a Nurburgring racecar built around an F430, Ferrari got all the prancing horses stripped off.

We haven't heard that this will happen, but looking at past precedent it's possible that Ferrari could put the same kind of pressure on Fast And Furious 6 to remove any direct references to their company (like badges) from this kit car. Only time will tell.

Photo Credits: Fast and Furious 6, Race Cars Direct