What is it with Bentleys trying to drive through floods? This is the second time we've seen this in the past few months, and we're starting to think Continental GT drivers are idiots.

This particular flooded Bentley is in Gloucestershire, England, caught up in a flood yesterday. The owner, a 65-year-old lottery winner tried to drive through the flood water only to get stuck. When he called a tow, the truck couldn't get the Bentley out and the car was left to the rising water.

Naturally, the infamous Sandy Bentley springs to mind. We saw that car parked on the street in New Jersey as the superstorm hit. Then we saw the thing busting through a street in deep water. Finally we what appears to be that very car getting one of the most painful tows we've ever seen.


Is there a dumber group of super expensive car buyers than Bentley Continental GT owners?